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Andrew Morcom is a retired Marine Engineer

Andrew Morcom is a retired Marine Engineer with 21 years’ service in the Royal Australian Navy and in May of 2015 retired from the mainstream workforce. In August of 2015, Andrew commenced working for Western Honey Supplies as a trainee beekeeper. Andrew is currently managing his own apiary business of 200 production hives producing honey from 69 sites spread across the state of Western Australia and 50 nucleus colonies supporting his queen breeding program.



Ann Maree is a highly experienced business consultant and stakeholder engagement professional.

Ann  in demand for her facilitation, strategic business development, collaboration, and research skills. Ann Maree relishes the chance to find strategic pathways and solutions, navigating through complexity and uncertainty delivering outstanding results for clients.


Ann Maree has worked closely with the WA bee industry to create focus and collaboration. Ann Maree is Director of Value Creators, an innovative development organisation that delivers bespoke programs focused on people, business, and industry growth.



Belinda Lay has over 20years practical experience of food production and is a business partner of Coolindown Farms. 

A family owned and operated mixed sheep/grain farm near Esperance in WA. Belinda is the 2019 winner of the WA Agrifutures Rural womens Award for her project affectionaletly known as "fitbits for sheep" a GPS tracking trial of lambing ewes to improve animal welfare.


Coolindown Farms is the first commercial farm in Australia to GPS track sheep using the Sigfox IoT network.

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Dave has been keeping bees in WA since 1982 ((39 years).  He now has 1000 hives (672 of those are production hives, the rest nucs)

He has extensive knowledge of the beekeeping industry and has served previously as the


President of WAFarmers Bee executive for 5 years.


Always happy to share his knowledge and encourage other new entrants into the industry.

Wed 10.40am

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Enita Ostojić is a food scientist with a Degree in Food Science and Technology from Curtin University, working as a senior scientific officer for WA Department of Health. 

Enita has worked as a research, product and process development food technologist in the food industry in Australia, developing meat, dairy and ready-to-eat frozen meals.


She was responsible for developing some of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers products, food products served by Emirates and Singapore airlines.

She joined WA Department of Health with responsibilities including: WA Dpt of Health representative on the national Advisory Committee on Novel Foods; - WA Dpt of Health representative on the national Food - Medicine Interface working group; and  - WA Dpt of Health deputy food recall action officer.

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Emily Grace is Research Manager at BeeInventive, the company behind the Flow Hive.

She is also a Conjoint Research Fellow in the School of Environmental and Life Sciences at The University of Newcastle. 


Emily has had a diverse research career spanning the fields of natural products drug discovery, agricultural science and environmental toxicology. 


She is an amateur beekeeper who started keeping bees in her Newcastle backyard in 2010. In her current role, Emily enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with universities and beekeepers around the world.

Jay Hu.JPG



Jay Hu is a fourth-generation beekeeper specialised in royal jelly and queen breeding based in Victoria.

Katja Hogendoorn.JPG


Katja Hogendoorn is a bee and crop pollination researcher at The University of Adelaide. 

Her main interest is in the health of bees -honey bees as well as native bees. 


Her research focuses on maintaining healthy environments for bees, both in the crop and in the surrounding landscape focuses on crop.

Laurie Kershaw.jpeg


A fourth generation commercial beekeeper in Southern NSW.

Laurie has worked with his family business for over 45 years, producing quality varieties of honey from South Coast of NSW , Snowy Mountains and the Riverina. Pollinating Almonds since 2007 .

Laurie’s Dad,Sterling, taught his sons and grandson’s the art of rearing their own queens.

Since 2013 they have been planting pastures that benefit bees for queen rearing and sheep.  Laurie, an active industry member for many years, including President of the Southern Tablelands Branch and Executive member of NSWAA.

Lindsay Gallaway_Capture_d’écran_2020-11


Lindsay Callaway grew up in the bee industry, inheriting his father's love of bees and joining the family business Warral Maldon in 1992. 

The apiary has so far seen five generations of his family love and care for bees while producing yummy honey, beginning pre 1896 with Lindsay's great-great-great grandfather. 


His father Roger was a pioneer in the industry in his own right, and these days Lindsay is building upon his legacy even further, achieving BQual and BRCGS certifications and constantly on the hunt for the best in apiary from hive production, equipment standards and biosecurity, to honey and beeswax processing, queen bee breeding and research and quality standards. 

Wed 11.40am



WA South-West Eucalypts

Flowering and Taxonomy updates of WA South-West Eucalypts.

Peter Wallace.jpeg


Retired rural GP Broad interests including education.

Sundry awards include:GP of the year, practice of the year,Aj Prof Clinical medicine, Paul Harris fellow.


Member National Medical board. 60 years of beekeeping and many thousands of painful stings but no allergy!

Tony Brideson.jpg


Clinical exercise physiologist with over 20 years experience.

Tony is a clinical exercise physiologist, sports scientist, holistic health practitioner and natural movement instructor with over 20 years experience both in Australia and overseas.