Decisions, decisions!


As we are getting closer, vaccine imminent and quarantine controls tightening with each new experience of this virus and human nature, decisions on whether to travel or listen into this conference are being made. Luckily, this conference caters for whatever you are comfortable with. Ideally, we would love you to all be with us together as there is nothing like a good yarn about honey bees. We also have got a little zealous and organised a 5-day whirlwind – which we are hoping you will swarm to!


Especially for B-QUAL current members (free) and those thinking of joining, there will be two workshops, prior to the conference.

  • Anti-counterfeiting your product for hive to table delivery - 28th June. Hosted by Dr Caroline Francis who has made this area a centre of her research,  there will also be talks by companies at the technology front line, and alignment to marketing the honey bee industry

  • B-QUAL Australia: Honey beekeeping industry standards and their auditing – 29th June. This workshop will include a demonstration of the Melliferous flora database, the digitisation of B-QUAL and the Honey Assurance system.

The presentations at these two workshops will become available to members on the B-QUAL web site.


To warm you into the packed two days of the conference (30th June and 1st July), on offer is a sunrise Hive & Wellness and Wescobee Beekeeper breakfast on the first day (30th June). For those who just need a strong coffee, the My Apiary coffee cart will make your special brew.


The Conference (supported by Ecrotek) is actually two conferences running side by side, BICWA (supported by DPIRD) and the research conference (supported by AgriFutures Australia) making three sessions running concurrently. So plenty of choice and ability to switch between talks. The research conference offers an on-line live ticket, and after the conference the recordings of all talks to which the speakers have given their approval, a ticket will be available.


To take advantage of the mix of industry and researchers, there will be a panel session at the end of each conference day. The first one addresses Better bees, better business (the theme of our conference and supported by Hort Innovation), and the second (and unfortunately close to our hearts in WA this season) Better bees, better health.


Based at the University of Western Australia at their Club, all the conference catering will be in an industry-display packed Grand Ball Room which houses the Beewise Beekeeping Supplies Trade Show and research posters, and on the first evening, drinks and canapes are on offer to sustain your networking.  


The second evening is the Conference dinner, and after the year we have all had, an entertainer that is assured to provide some health-giving belly laughter will complement a mouth-watering dinner.  


Before those of you who have travelled to WA leave us, we would like to show you a little of WA from a beekeepers point of view. So we are offering two tours, one heads south-west to the Jarrah forest and the other north-east to the Marri. We have upped the beekeeper sandwiches to a special lunch with some special tea stops.


The enthusiasm from everyone helping us to make this conference work for all of you has been heart-warming. We look forward to being your host, whichever way is best for you.


Keep safe

Conference Committee